Read My Mind

There are so many thoughts racing through my brain tonight.

At my crime victims resource center training (I have 9 three-hour training sessions in the month of April, for school), we basically talked about abusive and dysfunctional relationships, and the continuum between them. It was an interesting night. Our group leader/intrsuctor told some crazy stories. She knows a man in Austin who has 26 children by 20 different mothers. He currently goes back and forth between living with 2 of these women, who just sort of accept the situation because they figure no one else wants them. There was another case in Austin a few years back where a woman in her 30s had a relationship with a boy from when he was 11 till he was 15, and had a baby with him. But when the case came to trial, he didn’t want them to prosecute her because they were in love. She knows a woman whose boyfriend was molesting her daughter for over 2 years, but she stayed with him, even after her daughter gave birth to his child.

In general, the concept of domestic violence and abuse is insane. I can’t fathom a relationship in which your husband hits you and slaps you around, but you somehow excuse it and things stay that way. But it happens. It’s remarkably common.

Crazy world. Messed up world.

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2 Responses to Read My Mind

  1. C Ty. says:

    We talked about this in my JA class last year. Domestic violence is the most unreported crime in America if I remember right. My prof told a story of a girl that was raped, sodomized, beaten, and drugged into unconsciousness. She was on the brink of death.

    However, when it came to court, she testified in favor of the boyfriend, saying that she lied about the whole thing. People do crazy things for what they call “love.” Although it is so sad and so desperately wicked, there might be some lesson that we can take from this…

    The lesson to forgive anything and everything, just as Christ forgives us for anything and everything. Just a thought.

  2. beks14 says:

    Dude…. whoa…

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