Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

I  don’t have anything important to say, so I’m just writing out some thoughts.

I love sitting on my porch on warm evenings – since we added it on to the house in  the summer of 2008, right after my junior year of highschool. We hadn’t built the roof yet when I first started sitting out here, and I loved looking up at the stars. It’s really peaceful and I do a lot of thinking here.

I have finished my year of school. I’m just waiting to find out the date of my NCLEX-PN. This will be the first summer I’ve spent at home in austin, since I was about 12. I’m gonna miss the things I usually did – bible bowl trips to milligan, KCU, Johnson, and cincinatti. I usually spend my summer evenings at all of those places, and by the time I get back, summer is halfway gone.

This  semester, one of my good friends from school became a believer. We met at our nursing home clinical in Fariboult early last fall. I thought he was super weird, but eventually we became friends and started carpooling. We’re both “thinkers” I guess you could say, so we had some philisophical discussions on our car rides, and he knew I was a christian. He never wanted to talk about religion overtly, but maintained that he believed in God, however vague his conception of God was.

Something changed at the beginning of the spring semester. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I gave him a bible, and he started reading it. First ecclesiastes and proverbs, because they suited his abstract brain. But then he started reading romans, hebrews, and matthew. And somewhere over the last few months, God changed his heart. He asked me to burn him cds with sermons, and I gave him some books on the basics of the faith. He’s started attending cornerstone church in austin, and he’s going to be baptized soon! Every time I see him, he says something like, “I’m so glad that I’ve been born again”, or “I’m just so happy that Jesus saved me.” He’s constantly seeking out scripture and biblical teaching.

God is amazing. I prayed for him a lot since we became friends, but the pessimistic part of me never thought that he would become a believer. Bur God can do all things. God can change hearts. And it is so amazing to witness firsthand the changes that the Holy Spirit works in a life.

It’s also really convicting about my own passion, gratefulness, and wonder towards the gospel. It’s a little more “old hat” for me, who has been raised this way and taught the gospel since before I can remember. But it’s still amazing.

I wish that I would always be fresh with wonder, adoration, and love for Jesus. “To whom much is given, much will be required.” And sometimes I wonder if by the time I’m 40 there won’t be any awe and love left. I feel like the emotions and affections will “run out”. But I have to believe that God is faithful, and he will only make me love him more as I grow older. I won’t burn out. It’s not as if I will run out of things to love and adore. He only grows more awesome the more we know of him.

“Hear thou the prayer I make on bended knee. This is my earnest plea: More love, Oh Christ, to thee! More love, more love to thee.”

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