Today’s edition of Instead of TV:
– I got up at 6 and ran around east side lake with my friend Katie (and went out to coffee and had a good talk!)
– Finally got around to going to Sacred Heart during the daytime to talk to the scheduler about my summer situation.
– Applied for an LPN position at Comforcare. I actually got a job interview done as well!
– Worked.

The last few days of this no TV thing have gone really well. I’ve been able to read a lot! I’ve also tried to be more productive around the house (cleaning the litter box, doing laundry, etc.) It’s strange the little things that I put off when I can fix my attention on something lazy (television). It lets me sort of block out the fact that I have tons of things I could be getting done.

Up until now, all of my superiors there had been very positive and basically assured me that I would have an LPN job there.Then on tuesday, I talked with the nursing supervisor at SHCC. She told me that they had just hired 2 new nurses and that there weren’t any openings for me, but I was “welcome to apply” if one happened to come up. I was sort of shocked by this. And my only plan all along had been to work there, so I didn’t have a plan B.

Thankfully, there are a few other places in town that are hiring. And even though I’ll be sad to leave Sacred Heart, and I’ll miss the people there, this will be for the best. I’ve been thinking about how I hate feeling out of control. I hate not knowing what the future will bring. God is using this (even this small thing) to teach me to trust and obey. And not to be anxious for anything. This is just another one of his graces toward me, teaching me to lean on him and not my own strength (or money-earning potential from a job). And for this, I really am thankful!

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