Old Job/New Job

My new place of employment!

They have a brand new building! It smells good there.

They have lots of fireplaces.

And a very nice physical therapy/rehab room. Apparently it is also a place of perpetual sunshine. +Points!

I had an interview at ComForcare here in Austin yesterday, and they offered me an LPN position! I take my boards this Sunday, and I have orientation Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I start on the floor training on the 20th! I am amazed at how quickly it all came together. God has provided and I am so thankful. I don’t know yet if I will have a part-time/casual or full time position. They won’t know which one is available till Monday, but I’m really hoping for the full time!

I put in my two weeks notice at Sacred Heart yesterday. I’ve been working there as an aide for a little under a year. I am really gonna miss my residents and co-coworkers. I’ve learned a lot in my year there. Though cleaning up urine and poop can be a little unpleasant at times, it’s definitely a growing experience. Taking care of people with dementia can be challenging and requires a lot of patience. But God has definitely been teaching me compassion, patience, and humility. It was a blessing to get to know these people.


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