I have a lot on my mind tonight. But first, a quick update. I went to Bible Bowl Nationals with the Chamberlains and 5 excessively energetic and loud, but cute 12 &13 year olds. It was quite the trip! We went to Cincinnati (where, incidentally, I had my first bible bowl nationals at age 12). It was wonderful to see my friends from across the U.S., most of whom I hadn’t seen since last July. It was also great to spend time with the Chamberlains, Tracey in particular. He’s invested a lot in my life, and he will always be one of my favorite people. The trip had its ups and downs (stresses with dealing with the kids, being my emotional self, etc) but it was overall pretty great and definitely a learning experience.

And now, I’ve working. I’ve had a grand total of 2 days off (including today) since we got back on the 9th. I’m working in the rehab unit at Comforcare, so patients there need more acute care than in a regular long term care setting. I’ve had two patients die on my shift (both were more or less expected) and had to send two more in to the ER. I’ve learned a lot, and have a lot more to learn. And I am so thankful to have a job! I got a call from another nurse last night around midnight, asking if I would switch this saturday for the next one, so today was an unexpected day off. Since I worked 15 hours yesterday, it was truly a blessing to be able to sleep in, relax, catch up on some reading, and just give my mind and body a break.

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